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A Reflection of the Language Assistant’s Life in Dijon

 samedi 16 avril 2022, en ligne par  Y.le_mentec

A Reflection of the Language Assistant’s Life in Dijon

By Betina Nekesa Makokha (Betsy)

Everybody has a dream that they want to fulfil but it is rare to get the perfect opportunity that fulfills it to their satisfaction. I came to France as a language assistant to accomplish my dream which is aligned with that of my late sister and mentor. She was passionate as I am about French, France’s culture and she planned to visit the country. The first time I arrived I had challenges while trying to adjust but after that I have had the best time. The second time was the easiest to manage as I had already formed a supportive network of people who made my life exciting, fun, and educative.

My contract as a language assistant at Collège Clos de Pouilly and Ecole Elémentaire Beaumarchais gave me a special opportunity for seven months, from 1st October to 30th April for 12 hours per week. This period enabled me not only to improve my teaching skills, but also to build my social network, explore places, and improve my French- speaking skills. I grew fond of my pupils and learnt a lot about their psychology and lifestyle. I worked with Madam Mazenc Sophie, Madam Madisson Vincent, Madam Sophie Monteiro and Madam Maya Picard. Madam Sophie, who was my supervisor, helped play a crucial role in helping me settle down in Dijon and adjust accordingly. I ended up building a strong support system and community of people I care about. I have had the most comfortable life ever and felt at home away from home. I had the best of my time with my colleagues both at College and elementary school. I must admit that they are truly kind-hearted and loving.

At one time, my superior in a Kenyan organization told me that she mainly got her outstanding energy and passion from the fulfillment gained from helping others to improve their lives through her unrelenting efforts. Right now I can relate to her statement through my work experience because I have gained a lot of fulfillment when I realized my pupils were highly motivated to learn and practice their oral and written English. The oral activities we did with the students, with the help of teachers, ensured a significant improvement in their oral skills. In primary school, we had songs and basic games that helped pupils memorize the basic English concepts.

I am glad to have had this opportunity to share my Kenyan and general African culture. We discussed the Kenyan food, lifestyle, dress code, matatu culture, tongue twisters, and stereotypes. We also compared this culture with the French and general European lifestyle. I am happy most of the pupils cooperated and participated in taking up presentations and working in groups. Their general behavior was very nice, encouraging and motivating inside and outside the classroom setting. I will really miss their beautiful and handsome faces. The language assistant experience is one of a kind and I will do my best to maintain the relationships with teachers and students. Hopefully, one day I will gain another opportunity to become a member of the staff or contribute to the benefit of the school in one way or another.

Betina Nekesa Makokha (Betsy)

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