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Brighton 2015 (VE)

 lundi 15 juin 2015, en ligne par  François DESWERT   Anglais

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We left France on Monday in the morning. We arrived in Dover but we were late so we couldn’t visit William the Conqueror’s castle. Then we met our host families in Tonbridge. All of them were nice and always smiling.


We got off the coach in front of Westminster Abbey. Soon we saw Big Ben, a fantastic clock tower which is next to the London Eye. Before eating in Covent Garden, we went to Trafalgar Square where there is the National Gallery. In the afternoon, we visited it and headed for Buckingham Palace. In the evening we ate fish and chips in a pub. And then, we visited London by night on the coach.


We took the bus to go to Brighton on Wednesday afternoon. Before that, we started the English classes with native English teachers. In Brighton, we saw the Brighton Pier and the Royal Pavilion which was King Georges IV’s house.


We had classes again and in the afternoon, we just visited the Natural History Museum. It displays stuffed animals and skeletons of dinosaurs. It’s the biggest museum in Europe. We came back to Tonbridge for our last night with our families.


Friday was the last day in England, so we were sad. We went to Canterbury to do a track game which was funny. At 8 PM, we took the boat to sail back to France. To sum it up, it was a wonderful trip with beautiful visits !

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