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London 2016 Section internationnale

 vendredi 23 septembre 2016, en ligne par  François DESWERT   Anglais

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Day 1 (Monday)

We left Dijon at 10:45pm instead of 10:30 because the coach was a little bit late. We didn’t sleep enough because everyone was excited about the trip ! We ate at the « Harvest Market » in the shuttle terminal at 6am and took the shuttle at 7:20am. We arrived in Folkestone at 7:55am.
We visited « The Dickens’ World » in Chatham. The guide presented Charles Dickens’ life in a crazy and funny way ! Then we had lunch on the floor and made our way to Greenwhich to admire our first view of London. Afterwards, we went to the Natural History Museum where we experienced an earthquake simulation ! It was really impressive !
We finally took the coach to the meeting point in Richmond where the families were waiting for us. We ate with them . After that, we went to sleep because we were very tired !
It was a tiring but awesome day !

Amandine and Camille

Day 2 (Tuesday)

After breakfast, we took the coach and went to central London to have a walk in the streets and we saw a lot of the most famous monuments of the capital like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, The London Eye, 10Downing Street but also the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace.
At midday, we ate in St James Park, next to the Palace. After that, we got back on the coach to go to « the Making of Harry Potter ». As we were early, we had time to stop at a supermarket to buy some English food.
At the Harry Potter’s exhibition, we saw all the sets, props, costumes and special effects of the
movie. It was very interesting !
Finally, we returned to our families in the evening.

Julie and Anaïs

Day 3 (Wednesday)

We left Richmond at 8am and arrived (approximately) at 10:30 in the biggest toy store in Europe
(Hamley’s). It was amazing and funny but very expensive ! There were all sorts of toys, characters
and objects made with legos, candies, dolls, soft toys…
At 11:20 we walked to Piccadilly Circus (under the rain) where we bought presents to our families in
a shop called « Cool Britannia ». Then we went to Trafalgar Square to eat but it was overcast with
grey clouds so we needed to eat quickly ! There were pigeons everywhere ! the lanscape was
beautiful with the lions and the fountain. Of course, we took photos with everybody.
In the afternoon, we went to Covent Garden which is a market where you can buy gifts and souvenirs
like key rings, jewels, postcards, mugs, clothes ….
Then we walked to the British Museum where we saw mummies, the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon
Marbles… and we went to the museum shop if we wanted to buy things.
To finish, we got back on the coach to arrive in Richmond at 7pm and and returned to our families to
eat and sleep.

Louise and Oxane

Day 4 (Thursday)

In the morning, we visited the Globe Theater which is a replica of Shakespeare’s theater and we
crossed the Millenium Bridge to access it. In the Globe, a guide told us about the building,
shakespeare’s life and the living conditions at that time. There was also an exhibition to complete
the tour.
Then, we had lunch in front the Tate Modern which is a museum of modern art. After lunch, we
walked along the Thames. We saw many famous buildings of London like the townhall, the Tower
Bridge, the Tower of London, The walkie-talkie, the Gerkin, the Leadenhall.
It was the end of our trip so we took the coach back to the shuttle, had dinner at the terminal but we
had a little problem : our shuttle was delayed and we had to stay at the terminal for three hours. So
our journey back was long, very long… We eventually arrived at Clos de Pouilly at 7:30 the next
morning. We were all very tired !

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