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London 2017

 jeudi 6 juillet 2017, en ligne par  François DESWERT   Anglais

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Monday, June 26th

We arrived in Dover at 9 a.m then we went to Canterbury where we did a treasure hunt. We left Canterbury at 1 p.m and we went to Greenwich where we saw the Meridian then we walked down to the Thames and we visited the National Maritme Museum. In the National Maritime Museum we learnt more about Horatio Nelson who won the Battle of Trafalgar. Then at 6.30 we went to Redhill where we met our families, we were a little bit nervous. We went to their home to eat and sleep. It was sunny and hot all day.

Florine Malolepszy, Gabrielle Engel

Tuesday, June 27th

We took the coach at 8.15 to go to London. There we saw Saint Paul’s Cathedral, we walked on the Millenium Bridge but while we were crossing the bridge it started raining a lot, we were all wet ! We walked past the Tate Modern Gallery and we stopped at the Globe : Shakespeare’s theatre. We visited it with a guide in English. That was cool ! We walked up to the Hay Galleria to eat our packed lunch. When we walked past the Townhall, we saw the mayor of London. Finally we walked on Tower Brigde and we could see the brige going up (twice… !) that was incredible ! In the end, we visited the Tower of London and its Crown Jewels… How fantastic !

This day was so funny !

Marie Brunnot, Chloé Delaunay

Wednesday, June 28th

This morning we went to Westminster Bridge to take photos. We saw the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. We went to Buckingham Palace (the Queen’s house) to see the changing of the guards and we ate our packed lunch in Saint James’ s Park. We did shopping in a big shop in Picadilly Circus. It was good ! Then we went to Covent Gardent and the British Museum. We saw the Rosetta Stone, mummies, the double headed serpent… It was really nice. At 6 p.m, we went to the Prince of Wales where we ate a delicious fish and chips. And at the end, we visited London by night with a guide. It was very interesting !

Romain Blondeau, Thomas Vecten

Thursday, June 29th

Today we left London and took the coach to visit Oxford. When we arrived in Oxford, we visited New College. In fact, it’s a very old college. Some parts of Harry Potter we shot in New College. During the visit a lady told us the history of the city and the different colleges. In Oxford, there are 38 colleges. After eating, we went downtown and did some shopping with our teachers.

It was good. Oxford is a beautiful city. It was partly cloudy and a little cold but it didn’t rain.

Lucas Fournier, Oscar Rizzo-Nicolle

Friday, June 30th

In the morning, we left our family. We thanked them. We went to Brighton where we visited the Royal Pavilion. We had a guide for the visit. The Royal Pavilion has an Indian and Chinese style. It is really surprising and it is where the Regent, George the IVth, lived. We visited the lanes and we went to the Pier. Then at 3.30 p.m Alain (the driver) drove us to Dover to take the ferry. It was 10.30 when we reached the French coast… !

It was the end of this beautiful trip… !

Tom Le Gendre

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