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London 2018

 vendredi 1er juin 2018, en ligne par  François DESWERT, Le Collège   Anglais

Sunday 13th May 2018

We left Dion at 9 p.m to go to Calais. We arrived in Calais to take the ferry at 7.15 a.m. One hour later we were in Dover. It was cloudy and quite cold.

Gilles Gabier,
Célia Anxoine,
Nathan Chauchot

Monday 14th May 2018

In the morning, we visited Canterbury and after we did a treasure hunt. After we ate then we visited the National Maritime Museum (NMM). We learnt a lot about Nelson.
At 7 p.m, we met our families and we went to their house.
It was a very long day and we didn’t sleep a lot in the coach but it was very good !

Gilles Gabier,
Célia Anxoine,
Nathan Chauchot

Thursday 15th May 2018

On Tuesday, in the morning we went to Shakespeae’s theatre : the Globe. We met a guide. The guide told us the story of the theatre. It was very interesting ! After we ate our picnic oppisite Saint Paul’s cathedral. In the afternoon, we walked along the Thames and we walked across Tower Bridge to go to the Tower of London. There we saw the crown’s jewels. It was awazing !

Mélody Sotty—Datta,
Charlotte Pons,
Emma Mennin,
Marika Fournier

Wednesday 16th May 2018

On Wednesday, we went to Buckingham Palace and on the way we saw Westminster and Big Ben. We walked a lot. After we ate in Saint James’s Park next to Buckingham Palace. In the afternoon, we did shopping in Covent Garden. Then we visited the British Museum and finally we went to Picadilly Circus to do shopping. After we went to a pub, the Silver Cross, for dinner. We ate fish and chips and an ice cream. It was delicious ! After dinner we went back home and there was a guide with us in the coach. He showed us London by night, itw as good !

Chloé Poillote,
Justine Lafrance

Thrusday 17th May 2018

On Thursday, we visited Oxford. It a city with many colleges (38 colleges). We visited New College. The dining-room was really impressive. In New College a scene from Harry Potter was shot. We had lunch in a square and in the afternoon, we went shopping in Oxford’s shops !

Léo Dumont

Friday 18th May 2018

We left our families at 8 a.m. We said goodbye. After we went to Brighton where we visited the Royal Pavilion. It looks like an Asian castle. We had time for the shopping and we also went to the beach. The water was cold but the water was warm. To finish we took the coach to go to Dover and we went back home.

Anaëlle Pais,
Lily Chapuis,
Charlotte Pons

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