Voyages pédagogiques

Londres 2016

 vendredi 17 juin 2016, en ligne par  François DESWERT   Anglais


Monday, June 6th

On Monday, we took the ferry from Calais to Dover at 9:20. We had a light breakfast on the boat and almost 2 hours later, we arrived in Dover. When we were on the coach we saw the White Cliffs of Dover.
First we did a treasure hunt in Canterbury. It was sunny and warm. We visited the town and we did shopping. Then we took the coach to go to Greenwich. We went to the National Maritime Museum. We had to answer a few questions so we discovered the life of Horatio Nelson.
Finally we went to Couldson where we met our host families. We were anxious and nervous…
I enjoyed this day because it was my first day in England and because I had never been to England before !

Clémence Péa 4°3 & Adrien Villier 4°3

Tuesday, June 7th

On the second day we visited the Tower of London. We saw the Crown Jewels, the beefeaters, ravens, the torture chamber and armours. Then we walked on Tower Bridge. We ate along the Thames next to the Townhall. It was sunny and hot. I liked the day because I enjoyed the Torture Chamber.
Clément Paulet 4°2
After our packed lunches, we walked on the docklands. We saw the Globe, the Tate Gallery and we crossed the Millenium Bridge to see Saint Paul’s Cathedral.
Then we took the bus to go to the Natural History Museum. It was great. It’s a big museum. We saw a big diplodocus, lions, elephants, tigers, insects… We did a reconstitution of a Japanese earthquake in Kobe ! It was amazing !
To finish we got back to our families at 7 P.M.

Thomas Muhlich 4°2 & Valentin Azevedo 4°2

Wednesday, June 8th

On Wednesday we saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, 10 Downing Street, the changing of the gards, Buckingham Palace.
After we ate in Saint James’s Park.
In the afternoon, we visited the British Museum. We saw the Rosetta Stone, statues, a skull, mummies.
Then we went in a pub “the Albert” and we ate a fish and chips and vanilla ice-ceam. It was delicious. In the end we saw London by night in our coach with a guide called Anthony.
We went back in our families at 10.15 P.M.

Solenn Garreau 4°2,Elise Defaux 4°2 & Romane Akhrib 4°3

In Buckingham Palace, there were carriages because on Saturday, the Queen will celebrate her 9Oth birthday. At the beginning of the afternoon, it was rainy and stormy. We walked a long time but it was interesting because we saw all the famous monuments of London.

Clément Genot 4°4 & Perrine Dubief 4°4

Thrursday, June 9th

On Thursday, in the morning we went to the Science Museum. In the ground floor we could see cars, trains, planes, steam machines, computers, planes, rockets. After we went to the second floor and we could see 4 exhibitions about the atmosphere, the energy, the information age and medicine. After we went in Hyde Park and we ate there.

Jonah Gane 4°4

Then we took the coach and we went to a supermarket to buy some traditional English food. After we went to Harrow School, it’s a very expensive private school. We saw tennis courts, a swimming-pool, a fitness room, many sports fields, the canteen…
To finish we saw a very old room where a scene from Harry Potter was shot. We learnt that in the past the teachers were very strict !

Lamine Lechenet 4°2

Friday, June 10th

This morning we said good bye to our family.
Then we went to Brighton. In Brighton, we visited the Royal Pavillion with a guide. The guide told us the story of this Pavillion. We saw the dining-room, the kitchen, the living-room, the music room, the concert room. The architect, John Nash, was influenced by Chinese and Indian style. George IV lived in the Royal Pavillion especially in winter and he was really fat because he enjoyed eating a lot. A banquet could be composed of 64 dishes !
The visit was great and interesting ! Then we had our sandwiches and did shopping in the lanes for the last time.
Finally we took the coach to go to the ferry. We arrived in Dunkerque 2 hours later.
It was nearly the end of our trip !

Emma Tillier 4°4, Tiphaine Pery 4°4,
Perrine Dubief 4°4 & Matteo Arnaud 4°4

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